Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer with my family

For the first event this summer, we went camping up at our wonderful grandparents house with lots of woods and a nice lake! They boys loved fishing, (I caught a few, if I say so myself:) and us girls liked hanging out in the rowboat enjoying the waves from the jet skis and speedy little noise making boats. We did swim in the lake twice and I was so scared of the fish! (even after the many lectures from Dad about when he was a boy he swam a million times in that lake and never got bit once:) I couldn't help it!


Isaac cooking breakfast one morning

Ashers "Crappie"


Smallest fish I ever caught:)

Relaxing after a long day in the lake

First dinner!

Audrey made this daisy crown. You don't want to see a picture of mine.;)

Asher being silly.

Riding the Gator. Right before this I was taking them on a wild ride in the woods and on the trails.

Also, we went to Vacation bible school with our cousins! We had sooooo much fun as the little ones participated and Audrey and I helped with the projects. Isaac didn't get to go because he had drivers training. But now he has his level 1 license!


Snack time! (That's why I look a little odd at the moment:)

Posing for... um, I don't know:)

We also went to a county fair a couple weeks ago to see our favorite family band, The Willis Family.
We had a fantastic time and even got to meet them! Seriously, if you have never heard of them, you need to check them out.;)
Lucy is so cute now that she is filling out and getting kinda chubby!:) She makes the funniest faces and is starting to smile now!!!


MY BIRTHDAY! I had a great time and got some awesome gifts. I made and decorated my cake, (with my favorite colors, coral and grey:), got special time as a family, saw some friends, watched some know:):)

                               Ugh, the pictures make it look orange, which is NOT my favorite color!:)

                                                              Opening my presents!!!!!

13 year old pictures:)

(All the picture credit goes to Audrey)

                                                        Thank you all for reading my blog!