Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Hello to everyone!
I hope this finds all of you well! We have had a fantastic fall and are excited to snuggle down for some good cold weather and happy holidays. The most recent thing that has happened in the Lake household is that Audrey just had her Tennessee graduation party! Also, our cousins visited for Thanksgiving and Ivan and Eliza just had their birthdays, with Asher's just coming around the corner! It had only snowed here in TN once (on Eliza's B-day:), but even then, it didn't even cover the ground.   

Best buddies

Fun game of  monopoly.

Happy Family:)

Fun day at the park

School pictures!

Hiking with a great sister:)


Crazy me and serious Isaac:)

Having fun as a family

Height Difference!

Precious moments

Blowing bubbles with little ones


Beautiful sunset
Audrey caught Isaac and I sneaking in the kitchen as we were having
a break from watching The Two Towers. Good memories with the best siblings in the world!

 I love you all and miss each and every one of you every day. I am so happy that you are my friends and family and I thank you for being mine too:)   Happy Holidays and New Year!