Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Days, New Ways


Hello Everyone!
Hope this springy weather is treating you all well, and hope we can can enjoy these beauteous sunshiny days (and that they will last!). Most of the pictures I will be posting this time will be about, obviously Lucy, the main attraction in our family right now! She is growing like crazy and we all take pictures of her constantly because of her blossoming cuteness every time we look at her! Other than that, we have got a new van that fits our WHOLE family, and I am taking a drawing class, Martial arts with Isaac and Ivan, folk dance class with a handful of occasional balls here in there for holidays/events, and Eliza, Ivan and I take a gymnastics class also! It is extremely awesome and hard, but it is way worth it and we are thankful to be in it, especially because we have lots of friends doing it with us too, so that always makes life better. :) I have also have a new development to my teeth, I got braces in January and think I am just now finally adjusted to them. 

This was literally 30 minutes before I got my braces, I was so nervous I was just clutching onto Lucy the whole time.:)
Yeah, and this was what I looked like when I was getting them. Really the only bad thing was they put this hideous, awful sour cleaning paste on my teeth, and the brackets were drying, and I had three cotton balls in my mouth, and the thing that made my mouth stay open had been on for like 20 minutes anyway. So I was practically dying and trying to keep myself from choking because, the person cleaning my teeth accidentally dripped some of the paste on my tongue and in my throat, so it was burning and supposed to be lemon flavored, but I never detected THAT flavor, I think it made it worse. It was so bad I was just thinking of all my favorite things and then thinking if I would ever see again, the light was blinding in my eyes, even with those most unstylish orange (that color does NOT go well on me:) glasses that were a little small so I was getting a headache in the process, I think I would have been better off with no glasses. : ) : )
Afterwards. At first I thought, "Oh, great, I'm not sore! I can do this!" because that day I was eating fine and talking and getting around normally, but then when I woke up the next day..that was a different story.:) It was impossible to eat, I could barely talk and my mouth was just aching, aching, never stopping, that agonizing pain everywhere. Even after it wasn't sore anymore, I would constantly bite my cheek or tongue, scrape metal silverware which left my mouth screaming and ringing for the next couple of minutes. Simply when I talk, I can't even pronounce words because my mouth is just too full, and well, I am just ranting on and on, sorry, it was just such an interesting experience and I love to write funny stories, even though you could hardly call this one, it was awesome. :) Oh, yeah you can STILL see the mark from the pressure of the glasses, ugg.


She is barely, almost standing up with no help!

I love his nose.....:)
It was so cute after we took the towel off her hair was sticking up in every direction!!

Asher was trying to drink a frozen smoothie and suddenly it all came out at once, some on the floor and most on him!

Kind of the same thing here with Lucy too. :)

I think this is the first time she ate "real food", I love her face. We had fun giving her a beard like her daddy.


           This is a new technique of drawing I have been doing lately. I call them my "Zoodles". :)