Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello Everyone!
Now that it is fall and we will be less busy, I will be blogging more!
Here is all the latest family news and pictures. Enjoy!

I went to  the camp that Audrey and Isaac work at for a week in July. I had an amazing time! This is my group:)

 Our cousins visited from out of state and we had a great time talking, laughing, riding bikes, playing basketball, eating snacks, (such as peanut butter pretzels:)  playing Settlers of Cataan and more!

Best Friends

Two peas in a pod

Little Buddies 

Bedtime stories


We went camping for my birthday in August! It was really fun. We went swimming and hiked Fall Creek Falls.

Our tent


We crossed this bridge over a waterfall to go hiking. It was really shaky and the sign said "limit 6 people
on bridge at one time"..........and what happens if there's more people than that, may I ask?

View from bridge

Flowers I got for my birthday!

Up there is the bridge and down below is were we swam

The drop off is another waterfall, we were standing pretty close!

Being silly at the campsite

Mom and Dad went on a trip to South America (you can email them for more information)  and us kids stayed with friends nearby. We had an awesome time!
Asher enjoying the big drive way 
Audrey, Isaac and friends hiking in the muddy woods
Doing the dude
The little girls enjoying popsicle
A rock sort of something that someone built
Playing in the water
Playing four-sqaure
Dressing up for a tea party

Saying goodbye
Tea party
Silly boys
Happy to be home!