Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Days, New Ways


Hello Everyone!
Hope this springy weather is treating you all well, and hope we can can enjoy these beauteous sunshiny days (and that they will last!). Most of the pictures I will be posting this time will be about, obviously Lucy, the main attraction in our family right now! She is growing like crazy and we all take pictures of her constantly because of her blossoming cuteness every time we look at her! Other than that, we have got a new van that fits our WHOLE family, and I am taking a drawing class, Martial arts with Isaac and Ivan, folk dance class with a handful of occasional balls here in there for holidays/events, and Eliza, Ivan and I take a gymnastics class also! It is extremely awesome and hard, but it is way worth it and we are thankful to be in it, especially because we have lots of friends doing it with us too, so that always makes life better. :) I have also have a new development to my teeth, I got braces in January and think I am just now finally adjusted to them. 

This was literally 30 minutes before I got my braces, I was so nervous I was just clutching onto Lucy the whole time.:)
Yeah, and this was what I looked like when I was getting them. Really the only bad thing was they put this hideous, awful sour cleaning paste on my teeth, and the brackets were drying, and I had three cotton balls in my mouth, and the thing that made my mouth stay open had been on for like 20 minutes anyway. So I was practically dying and trying to keep myself from choking because, the person cleaning my teeth accidentally dripped some of the paste on my tongue and in my throat, so it was burning and supposed to be lemon flavored, but I never detected THAT flavor, I think it made it worse. It was so bad I was just thinking of all my favorite things and then thinking if I would ever see again, the light was blinding in my eyes, even with those most unstylish orange (that color does NOT go well on me:) glasses that were a little small so I was getting a headache in the process, I think I would have been better off with no glasses. : ) : )
Afterwards. At first I thought, "Oh, great, I'm not sore! I can do this!" because that day I was eating fine and talking and getting around normally, but then when I woke up the next day..that was a different story.:) It was impossible to eat, I could barely talk and my mouth was just aching, aching, never stopping, that agonizing pain everywhere. Even after it wasn't sore anymore, I would constantly bite my cheek or tongue, scrape metal silverware which left my mouth screaming and ringing for the next couple of minutes. Simply when I talk, I can't even pronounce words because my mouth is just too full, and well, I am just ranting on and on, sorry, it was just such an interesting experience and I love to write funny stories, even though you could hardly call this one, it was awesome. :) Oh, yeah you can STILL see the mark from the pressure of the glasses, ugg.


She is barely, almost standing up with no help!

I love his nose.....:)
It was so cute after we took the towel off her hair was sticking up in every direction!!

Asher was trying to drink a frozen smoothie and suddenly it all came out at once, some on the floor and most on him!

Kind of the same thing here with Lucy too. :)

I think this is the first time she ate "real food", I love her face. We had fun giving her a beard like her daddy.


           This is a new technique of drawing I have been doing lately. I call them my "Zoodles". :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall with the Family

Hi Everyone! This has so far been an absolutely beautiful fall. But I still can't wait until winter, snow, Christmas and all the other good things in the holiday season! Since I last posted we have gone camping in September by Lake Michigan and we had a blast! We used a camper, (I have never used one before), and went with several friends for 3-4 days, I think. There was volleyball, soccer, the beach, the lake, playgrounds, pavilions, and much more to do! Lucy was so good the whole time, well, she is good almost all the time anyway, and we all got some good healthy sun. (Not to mention that I was sunburned so badly that when you just placed your hand on my shoulders with my shirt on you could just feel heat coming out. It hurt a lot but it was actually kinda cool:) Then just this September we have been doing school, playing outside, visiting friends, cooking and baking and enjoying the wonderful weather. A week ago Isaac and I went with some friends to go see Senator Ted Cruz, one of the republican candidates running for president!!! I wrote a paper on the event, so if you want to read it I will have it at the end of this post. :) He is my favorite of them all. Audrey's 19th birthday just went by and we had a great time celebrating as a family together. We also went to an apple orchard with cousins and had an awesome time! We had doughnuts and cider (the best!!) and had lots of fun. I want this weather to stay so badly but also want snow so badly! Enjoy reading!


Back at the campsite

Hanging out at the beach with Audrey

Little monkey friends

Eating ice cream at the local pizza place

Trying on Grandpa's googly glasses

Making dinner and trying to figure out how to use the grill:)

Hanging out at the Apple Orchard!

                                                                      Ted Cruz!


                                                                                 Lucy Time!!!

So smiley!

Selfie time!!

This is something that doesn't really belong in a category but I wanted to show it to you guys. These are all the books that was on my headboard on my bed. I was in the middle of reading all of them (this also shows you what kind of a person I am) And, they were all double stacked. :-)

 Thank you all for reading! I hope to write one more post before Thanksgiving (it's coming up                                                                fast, folks!) but if not, happy rest of the fall!

Assignment on my experience seeing Ted Cruz in Kalamazoo at the WING stadium Monday morning and listening to him speak:

We sat down on the creaky folding chairs in the building where hockey players used to play. It was time, he was here, and we would see him. My brother, my friends and I were waiting, just waiting for Senator Ted Cruz to come out and speak, to tell his people of America of his ambitions and ideas and promises. I nearly waited an hour, through introductions and national anthems, then, the music started, the peopled cheered and shouted his name as he came through that doorway of the used building that held 800 souls who burned with the same desire to have life once again in America and switch things back to the right way so we could have our once-glorious freedom back. He spoke. He was there. He talked. He looked at us with the look that he truly cared about people lives and truly cared to for us to have jobs and cars and houses and dreams. Dreams to make us happy and full and live a life worth living. Ted Cruz speaks of the things he will do in the first day in office. The first five things: Rescind every illegal and unconstitutional action taken by Barack Obama, instruct the Department of Justice to open and investigation into these videos and prosecute Planned Parenthood for any criminal violations, Direct the DOJ and the IRS to put an end to the persecution of religious liberty, then intend to cancel the Iran deal and, finally, move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He just spoke it like he meant it, I think everyone trusted the move of his to become president. They know he is true. They know he is Real. The whole hour he spoke I couldn't take me eyes off of him, afraid it was dream and I would wake up, because I never want to forget that I was a part of this movement, I am a part of this movement. Afterward, as I got a picture with his wife and as I shook Ted Cruz's hand and introduced myself and got my picture, I wanted to talk and ask questions. Why are you doing this? What keeps you going? What, Why, Who? There is so many things I don't understand in this world, but Cruz is the person to instruct and interrupt and explain with the real sensitivity that all want, all around him. We took down signs and cleaned up with other volunteers and I was thinking, “I am in the same building with Ted Cruz, his wife, some of his friends. He is right over there and I am just doing everyday stuff. I can go over to him and talk. Who am I anyway? What is my part in this world? How can I know?” Well, how could I know? I think that is some of my many questions I will just leave, listen and try to find out as I grow older. We carried chairs over to the garage and stood and us 6 waved goodbye to Senator Ted Cruz, his wife, and a friend as they got in their car and drove away when is it was just us. Him and us. I still don't believe what happened today, what I did and what I had done. I had listened and believed and had new thoughts and a wonderful, amazing experience with, maybe, the future president of the United States of America.
Thank you,
Zuzu Cruzu (a.k.a Zuzu)